In-House Business Language Training

For Businesses or Government offices which require a native English instructor to come to their premises to teach their staff. Classes can be arranged for staff of all positions from Senior Management to Secretaries. Materials specific to the work needs of the participants and the industry they are working in, as well as to the aims of the course, will be provided.

The length and frequency of classes, as well as course duration, are flexible and can be negotiated. Materials will consist of the most up to date, relevant textbooks for the business environment as well as state of the art audio-visual tools. All materials will be appropriate to the ability levels of the participants.

In addition, we offer a Free Placement Testing whereby Premier Language Services will send a team to your offices to assess the English ability level of your employees/prospective course participants so that they can be grouped into classes compatible with their standard of English, be it of an elementary, intermediate, or advanced level.

In short:

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